Revision Spine Surgery

What are the Advantages of Revision Spine Surgery?

If your first procedure didn’t work, undergoing a second surgical procedure probably doesn’t sound exciting. However, advances in spine surgery tools and technology have paved the way for minimally invasive surgical techniques. The benefits of revision spine surgery now include:

  • Accurate Diagnostics: Improvements in 3-D imaging techniques allow your surgeon to reach a more accurate diagnosis of your condition.
  • Finer Instruments: Smaller surgical tools enable your surgeon to accomplish procedures with the utmost precision, resulting in smaller incision sizes and less scarring.
  • Speedy Recovery: Because minimally invasive techniques involve minimal trauma to the surrounding tissues of your spine, you can heal more quickly.
  • Short Hospital Stays: Some revision procedures can be performed as outpatient, or same day, surgeries. However, most revision procedures will require only a short hospital stay of 1-3 days.

No one should have to live with the burden of a failed scoliosis or kyphosis surgery. To achieve the relief that you deserve, contact the Lowenstein team. Dr. Jason Lowenstein specializes in complex spine revision procedures and has earned his reputation as America’s premier scoliosis expert. To begin your relief journey, contact the Lowenstein team today!

Do I qualify for Revision Spine Surgery?

Not sure if you qualify for revision spine surgery? Good candidates will have any of the symptoms described above, including chronic pain or joint stiffness. In addition, interested patients will have tried at least six months of mild treatments before choosing surgery.

However, not every patient will qualify for this procedure. If you have weak bones from osteoporosis or allergies to the surgical tools, this route may not be right for you. In addition, patients with heart problems may not be able to undergo surgery. To find out if you qualify, contact Dr. Jason Lowenstein today! Dr. Lowenstein’s team of spine experts will assess your spine health and get you back on the path to scoliosis relief!