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Orthopedic Clinic - Spine Doctors in New York, NY

Welcome to Dr. Jason Lowenstein’s Orthopedic Clinic, strategically situated in the bustling heart of New York, NY. Dr. Lowenstein is an internationally renowned spine doctor who offers a diverse array of solutions for alleviating back pain. As a board-certified medical professional, he provides a broad spectrum of treatments, ranging from cutting-edge pain management techniques to state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgical treatments and complex revision procedures.

Dr. Lowenstein has achieved global acclaim for his expertise in both adult and pediatric medicine. His contributions have consistently propelled technological advancements in the medical field, establishing new standards of care from his New York base.

Whether your condition necessitates a minimally invasive microdiscectomy to address a herniated disc, or a comprehensive revision procedure to rectify failed back syndrome, Dr. Lowenstein is committed to guiding your recovery journey. Operating from his New York, NY Orthopedic Clinic, his devotion is to providing top-tier medical services, ensuring your well-being, and delivering the most exceptional care possible.