Dr. Jason Lowenstein Featured in “Top 10 Surgeons to Know”

Dr. Lowenstein has received numerous awards during his prestigious career as a minimally invasive orthopedic spine surgeon. Of these, a recent accolade has garnered Dr. Lowenstein local buzz as well as national recognition. In January, Becker’s Spine Review named Dr. Lowenstein a “Top 10 Surgeon to Know in 2021” for the United States.

In fact, Becker’s Spine Review was so impressed with Dr. Lowenstein that they wrote a separate article highlighting him as a Spine Surgeon Leader to know. Both of the Becker Spine articles sing Dr. Lowenstein’s praises as a top doctor in orthopedic surgery, a sentiment echoed by a recent article in Jersey’s Best magazine.

Of course, as a patient, you may not be aware of Becker’s Spine Review, an industry-insider website frequented by healthcare professionals. Receiving a recommendation from this publication is a big deal. In other words, Becker’s Spine Review is where doctors go to vet other doctors for their families.

In addition, Becker’s Spine Review hosts one of the fastest-growing audiences of a media outlet in their respective industry. With extensive up-to-the-minute articles detailing industry innovations and community forums for professional debate, few websites can boast that they revolve around some of the most critical issues in American healthcare.

Becker’s Hospital Review receives millions of visitors each month, making it a vital resource for any decision-maker involved within the medical sphere. A recommendation from such an outlet is a high honor and it should definitely capture the attention of even the most fastidious clients.

When Things Go Wrong, Choose the Best in the Biz

Nobody likes going to the doctor. We all wish that there was a special elixir that we could drink to make such visits unnecessary. But of course, things don’t work exactly like that. In order to stay healthy, we must make regular visits to a healthcare professional. This is especially true when our bodies fail over a period of time, as they naturally do. Things go wrong. Discs slip, arthritis sets in, and sometimes, debilitating deformities that are present at birth follow us around well into adulthood.

Of course, the natural decay of the human body is not the only challenge we face on a day-to-day basis. Acute injuries, failed spine surgeries, and pinched nerves are all things that we have to worry about also. How can we choose the right doctor for our conditions when there are so many options out there, purporting to be the best? It’s a fair question, and one we hope to answer for you today.

This is where Dr. Jason Lowenstein comes in. If you’re in the market for an individual whom you can trust with your well-being, then you should look no further. Here is a surgeon who has 10+ years of surgical experience under his belt and a specialized skill set few others can claim. Today, in addition to reviewing a few of Dr. Lowenstein’s more recent accomplishments, we will provide you with an extensive profile and background of his medical portfolio and educational achievements.

After all, as a patient, you have the right to know exactly whom you’re going to be interacting with. And, of course, it’s our great pleasure to introduce you to one of the best spinal deformity specialists in the entire country: Dr. Jason Lowenstein.

Dr. Lowenstein’s Background

One of the most important things to consider when choosing your medical healthcare professional is their educational background and surgical expertise. Dr. Lowenstein has nailed both of these attributes. Currently, Dr. Lowenstein serves as the medical director of spinal deformity at the Advanced Spine Center. Additionally, he is widely known as a leading expert in the field of scoliosis and spinal deformity care.

As an undergraduate, Dr. Lowenstein attended the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with the highest honors. He then went on to complete his medical degree at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. At this time in his life, Dr. Lowenstein worked in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery’s Growth and Development Laboratory. It was here that he performed gene therapy research in order to improve the special forms of treatment used in spinal deformity disorders.

Of course, Dr. Lowenstein’s educational background doesn’t end there. Once he finished up his medical degree, he pursued a residency in orthopedic surgery at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York. It was at this institution that Dr. Lowenstein conducted sponsored studies to develop more viable treatments for spinal deformities such as pediatric scoliosis and spondylolisthesis.

Presently, Dr. Lowenstein possesses expertise in treating spinal deformities such as scoliosis, kyphosis, spondylolisthesis, and much, much more. More specifically, he has a budding interest in the field of complex revision surgery for patients who have had previous surgeries resulting in failed back syndrome—a common problem in patients who have received botched forms of treatment from more inexperienced practitioners.

If you or your child have been recommended for minimally invasive surgery for spinal deformity treatment, then Dr. Lowenstein is one of the most qualified people in the entire country to address any issues that you may have.

Spinal Deformities: What to Expect

The main goal of any doctor worth their salt is to resolve any medical conditions using the least invasive methods possible. Naturally, this starts at the conservative level, which includes methods such as physical therapy or over-the-counter medication. Of course, this isn’t always enough to address the issue, which then, may require minimally invasive surgery. Whenever surgical intervention is involved, a good doctor will try to employ the least invasive method possible. Sometimes, this is not viable, but in most cases, smaller incisions are all you need to address the issues at hand.

Minimally invasive surgery provides patients with a much faster recovery time, in addition to less scarring and fewer complications. Smaller incisions mean less trauma to the body as well as any nearby adjacent nerves, tissues, and related structures.

If you have been experiencing back pain for a period of 2 weeks or more, then maybe it is time to consider seeing a doctor. This is especially true in cases where conservative methods have not been enough to address the issue (i.e. over-the-counter medications or physical therapy). You can contact our offices at any time by calling (855) 220-5966. Get your life back on track as soon as possible. Give us a call today!